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Larry White Associates, Inc.


A National Healthcare Talent Acquisition Group 

HCJ – (HealthCare Jobs) is a subsidiary of Larry White Associates, Inc.  We proudly serve the medical market of hospitals, facilities, private clinics, and Behavioral Health organizations nationwide.  We have remained in continuous operation since 1997.  Since that time we have met the needs of the United States’ healthcare community by recruiting quality candidates to fill the need of our clients and third party recruiter affiliates.

With our team of vast experience and dedication, the healthcare Talent Acquisition Team of Recruiters work with a variety of clients and affiliates nationwide to provide the quality candidate for each job openings.

The HCJ talent acquisition recruiting team sources, screens and qualifies candidates of all levels of healthcare professions, from staff nurses to “C” level administrators and physicians.  This includes nurses of all designations, managers, directors, senior administrators for all healthcare institutions, financial staff of all levels, specialized senior health care staff such as quality and risk managers, mental health practitioners, and laboratory technicians and directors. HCJ also works with non-healthcare related positions upon request.

About the Founder

Larry White is a graduate of Pomona College in Claremont, California and attended Deep Springs College and Boston University.  He has been the CEO of Psychiatric Hospitals in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in Louisiana.

Larry spent many years as the Administrator of alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs and was a also Program Director at the National Institute of Mental Health in Rockville, Maryland.

The president of HCJ, Larry White, is located in Central Louisiana and can be reached at:



HCJ works with healthcare employers/clients to find the right candidate for each position in a timely manner.  Our screening process of the candidate allows us to feel confident of the quality candidate we present for each position.  We engage with employers/clients of all facility sizes, insuring confidentiality throughout the hiring process.

HCJ will also assists employers/clients with hiring needs in professional areas outside of healthcare.

Our AWESOME staff of Recruiters will make this a pleasant, and seamless experience for you.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

Larry White Associates, Inc.